Dog Training for Children by Ian Dunbar

Dog Training for Children
Ian Dunbar

Under the direction of Dr. Ian Dunbar, kids learn how to house train their own dogs, teach early lead work, sit and down, how to train as a family, have family competitions, improve the sit-stay, focus attention, improve off-leash control, train a fast recall, even how to play correctly. Also a section on agility for juniors: improving control, regulating speed, hitting the contact points, speeding up the "down".

Dr. Ian Dunbar is a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and dog trainer. He has given over 750 full-day seminars and workshops for dog trainers and veterinarians around the world. A columnist, the star of the British television show Dogs With Dunbar, and author, he has written numerous books and hosted a dozen videos about puppy/dog behavior and training. He received his veterinary degree and a Special Honors degree in Physiology & Biochemistry from the Royal Veterinary College (London University) and a doctorate in animal behavior from the University of California in Berkeley. He is the founder of many dog-training organizations, including the Center for Applied Animal Behavior; the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the largest and most influential worldwide association of professional dog trainers; and Sirius Puppy Training, the leading provider of puppy classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. He lives in Berkeley, CA.

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