Calming Signals: What Your Dog Tells You by Turid Rugaas

Calming Signals: What Your Dog Tells You
Turid Rugaas

Presents Turid Rugaas working on her own home turf, doing what she does best, communicating with dogs. She shows footage of many calming signals, and how dogs use them. She also shows us how people can use calming signals in their own interactions with dogs. You'll enjoy visiting Turid's own dogs and those of her clients, while seeing her in action on her beautiful farm in the fjords of Norway. This is the DVD format and companion to the popular book, "On Talking Terms with Dogs." Note - this is not a professionally filmed DVD rather one done by dedicated amateur dog people however it does a good job of illustrating the canine body language subjects it addresses.

Turid Rugaas is an internationally renowned trainer and writer who has devoted her life to dogs, their behavior and their well-being.

The Norwegian dog trainer has worked with dogs for many years and studied the body language of dogs for more than a decade. After a project where Turid and a colleague observed dogs carefully, recording their behaviour on video and in photographs, she became well-known around the world for her work on the calming signals. And Turid Rugaas is now one of the world's leading experts on dog behavior.

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