Different Breeds Have Different Needs by Trish King

Different Breeds Have Different Needs
Trish King

We all know that for centuries, dogs have been bred for a variety of different jobs, and that their responses to training are as varied as their looks. In this seminar, Trish demonstrates by way of lecture, video footage, and slides, the behavior of different types of dogs. She discusses their characteristics and what we need to help them to do to become good citizens.

A comprehensive analysis is presented on managing and training Bullies, Herding Dogs, Terriers and Guard Dogs. This is a three DVD set taped in Novato, Calif April, 2008

Trish King is the Director of the Animal Behavior & Training Department at the Marin Humane Society in Marin County, California, and the author of "Parenting Your Dog" drawing on her experience as a parent as well as a dog owner.

Besides running the B & T department, Trish teaches workshops and seminars on behavior, canine, management , temperament assessment, and handling difficult dogs. She established the Canine Behavior and Training Academy for new or interested trainers, which covers training theory and techniques, handling dogs and teaching people.

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