The ABC's of Behavior Shaping and Proactive Behavior Management by Ted Turner

The ABC's of Behavior Shaping and Proactive Behavior Management
Ted Turner

Proactive Behavior Management and Extinguishing Agression & Other Problem Behavior

Large animal trainer, Ted Turner, entertainingly shares his extensive knowledge of behavioral science and learning theory with lots of real life examples from his more than 20 years of exotic animal training including at Sea World. These principles of learning are universal and apply to any training pursuit, including agility, competition obedience, pet dog manners and behavior modification, tracking and field work, freestyle, etc. This is a classic that every animal trainer will want to have in their library for reference and inspiration.

Ted Turner is a celebrated animal behaviorist and popular speaker. He has a diverse animal background with 30 years of experience in applying learning principles to various species of animals including birds of prey, parrots, terrestrial and aquatic mammals, and has trained animals for TV, movies and commercials. Ted is an active researcher and presents information and data on animal learning to various organizations. He has been a requested speaker for universities and museums. He has been conducting dynamic, hands-on pet training clinics and dog training seminars for over 12 years. Ted developed a training philosophy based on behavior modification science after receiving his degree in psychology from the University of Central Florida.

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