Perfect Paws in 5 Days by Jean Donaldson

Perfect Paws in 5 Days
Jean Donaldson

There are many DVDs on the market that can teach you how to train your dog key basic behaviors - but there is only one featuring Jean Donaldson! And what makes this new DVD particularly valuable is that Jean teaches you how to train, so you learn skills that you can apply to other behaviors as well. So with Jean's methods, you will learn how to "get the behavior," how to reward and reinforce a behavior, and then how to strengthen the behavior by building duration and adding distractions. With those skills mastered, you can rather quickly move to develop many new and helpful behaviors.

If you are a trainer, you will find this DVD a great primer on how to teach your students to train basic skills in a classroom setting. If you are an owner who wants to teach your dog basic skills, you will not find a better teacher than Jean!

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Basic Training

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