Basic Techniques for the Beginning Schutzhund Helper by Kraftwerks K9

Basic Techniques for the Beginning Schutzhund Helper
Kraftwerks K9

This video is an excellent source of 'how-to' information for the person who wants to get a head start on doing helper work. Several different dogs are worked by a first time helper alongside one of the best helpers in Germany. This program is a great tool for the handler that wants to teach a new helper how to safely work dogs. The basic mechanics of proper movement and fundamentals are discussed in detail without a dog prior to working with them. This DVD is packed with easy to follow instructions while each dog is worked. Professionally filmed, edited and produced.

How to stand in front of the dog in the correct position. Keeping the dog active with body posture and eye contact. How to protect yourself with the sleeve. Right position for the sleeve, non biting and biting. Correct presentation for giving bites on line. Body signals prior to bites, stick movements. Creating drive with body movements. Setting the grip and moving the dog after biting. Sleeve and body position after the out. Correct presentation of the sleeve in the re-attack. Catching the dog from a distance off line. Escape or prey carry. Driving the dog properly.

Runtime is one hour and ten minutes.

About Wayne Curry/Owner of Kraftwerk K9:

From 1987 to the present, Wayne Curry has trained and handled many different dogs in over 100 competitions world-wide. The first German shepherd he handled became the Pacific Northwest Schutzhund Champion. Wayne has been awarded the highest scoring schutzhund dog/handler team in the United States. Wayne became the highest scoring SchH3 team in the Pacific Northwest with 295 points with another of the dogs he trained. He has been awarded Regional and National Champion titles multiple times, always with excellent scores. Wayne was a WUSV World Champion Team Member three years in a row with the same dog.

Additionally, Wayne was the highest scoring American dog/handler at the World Championship, has been the winner of the AKC Working Dog Sport Championship with an unbeatable score of 296, and has placed High in Trial with owner, bred, trained and handled award at the GSDCA Schutzhund Invitational. Wayne has also been awarded the highest Schutzhund dog/handler team in the United States and achieved the Good Sportsmanship award for the GSDCA-WDA Nationals. In addition to enjoying the competitions, Wayne also has conducted group obedience classes as well as individual lessons for all kinds of breeds and their owners.

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