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The 3 Little Pigs - The Busy Bee Dogs by Miscellaneous

The 3 Little Pigs - The Busy Bee Dogs

In The 3 Little Pigs DVD, the Busy Bee Dogs (Princess Sydney, Rio the Clown, Clever Chiquita, and Super Speedy Slyder) meet their friend Kazoo the Bee and decide that they want to reenact the classic fairy tale, "The 3 Little Pigs". They take a modern day approach in presenting the fairy tale and add their own Busy Bee twist to the ending. After that, the dogs get creative with a Hickory Dickory Dock sing-a-long. The episode wraps up with the dogs inviting their viewers to jump up, and follow along by dancing along with them and their children friends on screen.

Busy Bee Dog Productions places emphasis on "edu-tainment" a special blend of education and entertainment. An Activity Guide and recommended Discussion Quesions are included with each DVD. The literature is designed to encourage parents/guardians, care givers and educators to spend time with children and draw out key learning concepts specifically written into the story.

The content of the DVDs is written in simple terms with appropriate pacing, enabling young minds to follow along. The Busy Bee Dog DVDs are suitable for children 3 and up and the material is free of violence and gender bias.

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