Making the Ultimate Connection by Tom & Kay Lams

Making the Ultimate Connection
Tom & Kay Lams

The result of over 45 years of experience giving thousands of classes, lectures, demonstrations and training workshops all over the U.S. and in Europe. You too can learn the Lams’ remarkable methods of positive bonding and communication with dogs!

It’s fast, it’s fun and it works!
(This program, basic to all types of dog training, is filmed in an AKC Conformation Show format.)

For first-time puppy/dog owners to professional show people and everyone in between!
“Making the Ultimate Connection”

* Lams’ “game” of starting puppies
* Re-motivating adult dogs
* Acquiring and maintaining focus
* Dealing with different temperaments
* Quick fixes for bad behaviors
* Fair methods of correction
* Balancing the human
(instantly straightens a dogs’ gait, recalls, heeling and sits)
* Practicing builds mutual trust and confidence, creating your own working partnership with dogs

Disc 1:
01-The concept of "Sensitivity to Balance"
It's Fun, It's Fast, It's Easy, It Works
A flat link collar, and 6ft leather leash
03-Starting Puppies
Starting a Puppy, Reanimating and Adult
04-Becoming Aware of Your Own Balance
And its Affect on dogs
05-Working with Issues - Group 1
Addressing individual challenges
06-Working with Issues - Group 2
Addressing individual challenges
07-Working with Issues - Group 3
Addressing individual challenges

Disc 2:
08-Balances Gaiting
Using ring procedure
09-Hand Stacking
Begins with the head
10-Table Presentation
Training techniques
11-Walking Into A Stack
Ground Presentation
12-Free Stack/Bait Presentation
Perfecting focus and communication
13-Wrap Up
Additional tips and advice

Kay Lams was born and raised in Washington state and grew up as an animal lover with real passion for horses! She attended Oregon State University for four years in the fields of Psychology and Animal Husbandry, and returned to college following the birth of her children, to graduate with top honors at San Jose State University with double majors in Psychology and Sociology, plus minors in Animal Husbandry and Vocal Music.

Kay has raised, trained, and shown many dogs, first concentrating on Doberman Pinschers and then German Shepherds. By 1963 she had a career established in breeding dogs, obedience, tracking, and conformation. Kay was president of the Freemont dog training club and was the prime promoter in getting them AKC recognition. In her breeding program she worked diligently to promote sound temperament in her Dobbies.

Tom Lams was born and raised in Kewanee, Illinois. During his high school years he worked as a projectionist in the three local movie houses. After high school, Tom moved to Hollywood, CA where he worked in the Movie Studios. He transferred to the San Francisco Bay Area, while doing electronics work he entered San Jose State University, part time earning his degrees in Speech and Communications (followed by extensive postgraduate work in the Behavioral Sciences).

As a sideline he trained German Shepherds for Conformation, Obedience, Tracking, Guard work, Canine Police work, and the Entertainment field.


They have had many breeds of dogs over the years (Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Whippets, Bernese Mountain Dogs, etc…) They continued their education by co-authoring their master’s Thesis, entitled “Early Temperament Balancing of Canine Litters.”

Finally marrying in 1974, they continued their successful dog training and lecturing partnership, while privately co-developing other aspects of animal genetics and behavioral studies (later extending them to include horses and birds) English Bedgerigar parakeets became just the media they needed to further their genetic and pedigree research.

Sandwiched between all that, the pair lectured widely on canine conformation, movement, and training. Including the eight hour workshops nationally and internationally, obedience training, conformation training, pedigree genetics, early puppy raising and socialization, plus teaching their weekly dog training and handling classes in the evenings.

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