Around The Clock Method of Scent Discrimination by Janice Demello

Around The Clock Method of Scent Discrimination
Janice Demello

This DVD provides all that you need to teach your dog articles. It succeeds in removing the mystery from one of the most intimidating and mysterious exercises in utility. The clarity of the presentation is outstanding. DeMello provides a system designed to minimize stress (both on the part of the dog and the handler) throughout the process of learning scent discrimination. The DVD outlines an easy, commonsense approach to teaching articles. This is great for anyone contemplating alternatives to the traditional tie-down board.

The Around the Clock method takes seven weeks, after which the dog should have a clear idea of what scent discrimination is all about. The video commences with a lengthy introduction explaining some of the concepts used. The most important of these concepts is that of the clock itself. By systematically placing the scented articles on different positions on the clock throughout the learning process, the dog theoretically learns to work both the inside and the outside of the pile.

Before discussing the individual weeks in detail, Ms. DeMello presents what she terms the "show, scent and tell guidance system", which is designed to combat problems that might crop up during the learning process.

She explains, for example, what to do if the dog picks up the wrong article at any time, if the dog fails to pick up an article, or if the dog puts down the scented article on his way back to you and returns to check the pile once again. Armed with this information, we are finally ready to start the course itself.

At the end of the video, Ms. DeMello reviews certain key points that she wishes to emphasize. Nearly every possible problem in the teaching of scent discrimination is thus covered, along with suggested solutions.

About Janice:

Janice has been training & showing dogs since 1973. Her success with her own dogs is nothing short of phenomenal! She accomplished amazing achievements with two Irish Setters that earned their Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH), each with a perfect score of 200 in Utility, and her four Border Collies that completed their OTCH titles with a combined total of 19 perfect scores of ‘200’!

Janice’s ability to read dogs and get inside their heads is uncanny...one could go so far as to say that she is a ‘dog whisperer’ and communicates with them at their level.

From 1985 through 2005, Janice traveled the country, competing very successfully in obedience competitions with her talented border collies as well as conducting obedience seminars in the USA and Canada, helping others to achieve their own successes.

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