Cruise Control for Power Heeling by Janice Demello

Cruise Control for Power Heeling
Janice Demello

Cruise Control for Power Heeling is, naturally, a video about heeling. Watching Janice and her dogs heeling is like: fluid, natural, effortless, precise...and something more. So seamless is the partnership that it's simply impossible to tell who's leading and who's following. Janice and her dogs make it look easy.

But Cruise Control is a wakeup call: this sort of heeling is anything but easy. This video is packed with detailed information on methods that have helped Janice DeMello attain the partnership with her dogs that she enjoys. It most emphatically is not a tape for the novice, or the weekend trialer interested more in titles and fun than in competitive scores. It may not even be a DVD for the average OTCH trainer. But for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to achieve heeling excellence, Cruise Control is simply packed with information.

The video opens with a sequence of Janice heeling with her Tibetan Terrier Boggles to music. Boggles, of course, heels precisely and with perfect attention. But this is no ordinary AKC obedience ring sort of heeling. Janice and Boggles demonstrate all sorts of backwards and sideways swirls that make it appear for all the world as if this dog and his person are dancing. At the DVD's beginning, Janice emphasizes the fact that one must have a dog with perfect attention in order to embark on the cruise control program. Cruise Control for Power Heeling makes use of the dog's high level of attention by teaching the handler advanced body awareness cues and footwork. The dog is then taught to lead with his rear in heeling, similar to the sort of pivot involved in turning toward the number three glove in utility. The result of this head-up, rear-leading form of heeling is very impressive.

So who should purchase Cruise Control for Power Heeling? It's not a DVD for those without exactingly high goals, unless they're simply curious about where great heeling comes from. But if you strive for perfection, you can't be without this DVD. Anyone interested in the emerging sport of Freestyle should take the time to study it.

About Janice:

Janice has been training & showing dogs since 1973. Her success with her own dogs is nothing short of phenomenal! She accomplished amazing achievements with two Irish Setters that earned their Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH), each with a perfect score of 200 in Utility, and her four Border Collies that completed their OTCH titles with a combined total of 19 perfect scores of ‘200’!

Janice’s ability to read dogs and get inside their heads is uncanny...one could go so far as to say that she is a ‘dog whisperer’ and communicates with them at their level.

From 1985 through 2005, Janice traveled the country, competing very successfully in obedience competitions with her talented border collies as well as conducting obedience seminars in the USA and Canada, helping others to achieve their own successes.

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