Training the Extreme Dogs by Sandy Rogers

Training the Extreme Dogs
Sandy Rogers

In this DVD, Sandy Rogers discusses how to keep dogs that have extreme behavior safe during agility training and how to adjust agility training programs for dogs of all sizes.

The DVD addresses many of the challenges that are involved, such as adapting programs for different sizes of dogs with regards to regulation agility equipment and stresses dog safety. Also covers advice on how to keep dogs motivated.

The information on this DVD can be valuable to any type of dog trainer working with varied types of dog sizes and breeds.

Sandy Rogers is the founder of ACE Dog Sports in San Francisco. Sandy and the staff at ACE have enjoyed training people to handle their dogs to a variety of goals since 1993. She is proud to be associated with the Power Paws and Clean Run Agility Camps; she has managed the events eight times to date. Her career in the animal care industry began over twenty five years ago; her employment has included being a veterinary assistant, a race horse groom and managing the largest commercial boarding facility in northern California for 12 years. Sandy also owned and operated a pet travel agency for 11 years.

Her extensive back ground with animals in stressful situation gives her a unique insight into their behavior. Her specialties include working with problem dogs, motivating the non-motivated dog and /or their handler as well as relationship building between dog and handler.

Sandy's philosophy in training is that the relationship between the dog and handler comes first. She is a firm believer in building rock solid foundations in training and has the ability to break down and teach all the little steps that create solid foundation skills. All else comes second to the relationship and foundation.

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