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Cik & Cap by Silvia Trkman

Cik & Cap
Silvia Trkman

Most people think Sylvia gains most with running contacts, but as there are maximum two occasions to do running contacts per course (none in jumpers), thatís not really true. You can gain the most on turns. Tight turns make the biggest difference, especially in nowadays 3rd degree/masters courses where itís all about the turnsÖ

Teaching Cik & Cap is the best investment to

- improve your course times
- make handling and timing easier for you
- improve your dogís obstacle focus, distance skills, sends and independent performance
- take lots of stress off your dogís joints
- make turns more fun for your dog

DVD Chapters:
- Why To Teach it
- Where & When to Use It
- How to Teach it
- Troubleshooting
- Related Tricks

Approx, 1 hour long

About Sylvia:

Silvia Trkman is from Slovenia and has been on the Slovenian World Agility Team since 1997. She is a nine-time National Champion and a two-time World Champion and has competed in agility at the International level with a Samoyed, two Pyrenean Shepherds and a Border Collie. Silvia is almost as well known for the relationship she has built with her dogs and for the amazing tricks they can perform as she is for her phenomenal success in agility.

Cik & Cap - The Easiest Way to Perfect Turns
Length: 1h. See the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwV-lplwQuU

For purchase of the DVD or the download version, for long distance classes and more info on agility, tricks and obedience training please visit LOLABULAND on www.lolabuland.com

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