Tricks For A Great Bond by Silvia Trkman

Tricks For A Great Bond
Silvia Trkman

Sylvia teaches her dogs pretty much everything they need to know via tricks. After all, agility obedience, tracking, disc dogÖ Ė itís all just another dog trick.

Tricks train them to think, to use their body and mind. Tricks teach them that there is no difference between working and playing and gives them the right attitude. Teaching tricks teaches them that theyíre the smartest dogs in the world, that there are no mistakes and no failure, that trying things is good. Tricks give them confidence in their thinking abilities and moves, improve their strength, balance and coordination. Tricks build a bond between me and them and create a deeper understanding for them how I think and for me how they think. Tricks make them feel important, smart, confident, needed and bonded with me.

Tricks are very important for young dogs as they learn to use their body and mind that way. Theyíre also great for cross training of competing dogs, it keeps all the muscle active and strong and prevents injuries. And itís especially great for old dogs, as tricks keep them mentally and physically active and thatís what keeps them young and healthy.

AND they donít take much time, space or equipment, so you donít have any excuse not to teach some tricks to your dog!

DVD content:

- why: 10 positive side-effects of teaching tricks

- how: general explanation on how to teach whatever trick you want

- step by step instructions how to teach 10 tricks, from basic to advanced ones

- trouble shooting (dog not offering anything, dog not motivated, dog too excited, getting stuck somewhere etc.)

About Sylvia:

Silvia Trkman is from Slovenia and has been on the Slovenian World Agility Team since 1997. She is a nine-time National Champion and a two-time World Champion and has competed in agility at the International level with a Samoyed, two Pyrenean Shepherds and a Border Collie. Silvia is almost as well known for the relationship she has built with her dogs and for the amazing tricks they can perform as she is for her phenomenal success in agility.

Length: 1h 20min. See the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHz6BZMZCAA

For purchase of the DVD or the download version, for long distance classes and more info on agility, tricks and obedience training please visit LOLABULAND on www.lolabuland.com

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