How to Handle at a Dog Show by Jane Harvey

How to Handle at a Dog Show
Jane Harvey

How to Handle at a Dog Show explains basic training and the theory of showing. In particular, it demonstrates:

* how to train your potential show dog
* how to set it up or stack it correctly
* training your dog to move at a trot in different gaiting patterns
* what you and your dog will need on the day of the show
* the etiquette and procedure of dog shows.

Illustrated with innovative moving computer graphics and slow motion footage, this DVD/video is designed to teach beginners the fundamental skills of handling dogs in the conformation show ring. It should also benefit those with some experience, and be an invaluable aid for competitors in Junior Handling events.

The contents of the DVD and video are identical and cover the following topics:

* Introduction
* Setting Up
* Gaiting
* Showing

About Jane:

One of the keys to Jane's exhibiting success was her ability to breed quality dogs. In the early 1960s, Jane and husband Bob started breeding Airedale Terriers under the 'Rangeaire' prefix. In only 50 litters, they produced 80 Champions in fourteen generations straight, most likely another world record. The successful line-breeding program had a theoretical basis arising from Jane's studies of Veterinary Science at University. Jane's deep understanding of genetics, pedigrees and line-breeding led her to produce the video/DVD How to Make a Show Dog. The companion video/DVD How to Raise a Litter of Puppies explains the preparation, whelping, weaning and early training.

Jane's expertise in dogs naturally led her to becoming a judge. She started judging in the 1970s and now holds Australian National Kennel Council Championship Show licenses for the Terrier, Toy, Gundog (Sporting) Utility, and Non-Sporting Groups. Her judging activities have led here all over the world including New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Zimbabwe, South Africa, UK, USA, Canada and every state in Australia. The importance of the breed standard is emphasised in many of her videos/DVDs including Terriers Then and Now and How to Judge a Cocker Spaniel.

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