Building Drive & Focus with Bernhard Flinks by Bernhard Flinks

Building Drive & Focus with Bernhard Flinks
Bernhard Flinks

Bernard states that the training methods on this DVD are the foundation of his actual training program. Most of the training work conducted on this DVD uses a ball-on-string as a reward.

Unfortunately, not all dogs are born with a high level of drive, regardless of their bloodlines. This DVD will help you build and control your dog's drive level as well as strengthen the relationship between dog and handler.

Also equally important is teaching a dog to focus. Focus teaches control. Dogs that do competition obedience, police service work, agility work or S&R work must learn the importance of focus. Bernard states these dogs should learn to focus in 15 minute intervals. This is also important in guard dog training.

Bernhard is a German police officer and Schutzhund competitor.

With 99 points in Schutzhund, he came off second-best in Karlsruhe in 1994 with his dog, Packo. In the following year, he qualified for two FCI world championships and the WUSV world championship in Budapest.

Since 1995 he has taught seminars in Germany and abroad on Schutzhund and Police Service Dog training.

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