Canine Massage Techniques - Carol Boerio-Croft by Barkleigh

Canine Massage Techniques - Carol Boerio-Croft

We don't speak “Bark”....the ultimate non verbal way the pet dog does. So how do we communicate? We communicate best with canines through touch. And the best possible touch is massage. An animal’s sensitivity to touch, aura and energy is tremendous. It is the language that communicates love, understanding and reassurance. It also offers comforting and healing effects to canines. The lecture included in this DVD offers demonstrations of different techniques and philosophies of massage.

The gift of Dyslexia, a love of animals and use of lifetime mistakes and acquired knowledge have enabled Carol Boerio-Croftto be able to build a unique and innovative multimillion dollar company and continue to grow in all areas of the Pet Industry. Her mission statements says it all, "Cozy Inn's mission is to create and provide a loving, sensitive, healthy, safe, naturally controlled environment for our guests; take care of them completely: mentally, emotionally, medically, spiritually and physically. And to always treat them with love and respect."

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