2on2off Contact Training by Lisa Selthofer

2on2off Contact Training
Lisa Selthofer

New to contact training or a seasoned competitor looking to retrain? Thanks to this DVD, 2on2off Contact Training has never been more simple, efficient and fun for both you and your dog!

Using clear focused goals and proven dog-friendly training methods, you’ll begin with ground work that can be done at home and continue through to proofing competition contacts that will increase your confidence.

Learn about concepts such as Micro-Training and other training tips essential to your agility success!

This DVD lays out the exact steps needed to train your dog in a successful 2on2off contact behavior. Each section begins with clear goals and is followed up by video of actual dog and handler teams as they train each section for the first time. The steps are reviewed at the end of each section to help you put it all together.

Lisa Selthofer has lived with dogs all of her life and founded Premier K9 Club in 1996 to help dogs and their owners achieve fun and success in the sports of agility, obedience and rally. Renowned for her high energy, Lisa has a passion for developing great relationships between you and your dog and for helping you both to attain your personal goals.

What sets her apart is her extensive experience in teaching humans and their canine partners alike. Before starting Premier K9 Club, Lisa spent over 20 years as a Corporate Trainer, Mentor and Coach for Fortune 100 Companies. She went on to direct canine training programs for Argus Ranch, a 20 acre canine facility. In 1999 she became an Agility Judge for the American Kennel Club and now judges dozens of shows annually throughout the USA.

Lisa uses positive, down to earth training techniques that she tailors to the needs of your specific breed and type of dog. Her own dogs have achieved National success and earned multiple agility championships

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