Reliable Running A-Frames by Rachel Sanders

Reliable Running A-Frames
Rachel Sanders

More and more agility dog handlers want a running A-frame.

This DVD with Rachel Sanders provides a practical approach to teaching an accurate and consistent running A-frame to all breeds and varieties of dogs.

Rachel Sanders has experimented with different kinds of running-contact training methods of the years such as stride regulators, foot targets, jumps after the A-frame, and no props on the A-frame

The inconsistency in the results generated by these methods caused Rachel to look at other alternatives and to come up with her own training method.

Rachel came us with an A-frame "box" method of training, which promotes the stride lengths necessary for a dog to reach the contact zone and that are comfortable for the dog. She uses the box with her own dogs and confidently encourages her students to train a running A-frame with their new agility dogs and to retrain competing dogs where appropriate.

In this DVD she shares the A-frame box method with the viewer.

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