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Agility in Motion Volume 6 by Agility in Motion

Agility in Motion Volume 6
Agility in Motion

This DVD includes one hour of pure Dog Agility at its best. You will see runs runs from the 2004 FCI World Championship held in Italy.

Also included in this DVD:
*Jim Basic shares one way he teaches his dogs Left & Right Part 2
*Elicia Calhoun shares her Course Analysis System - Part 2
*Clicker Corner: "Fading physical cues" by Moe Strenfel
*Steve Frick presents his technique to perform Front Crosses part 1
*Course Challenges and Handling Options: challenging jumping sequence from FCI WC 2004
*Selected runs of some of the top performers from FCI WC 2004 Medium Individual Jumping and Agility
*Performance Analysis: you can analyze FCI World Championship 2004 Agility Midi Individual runs.

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