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Shaping for Demand  by Julie Daniels

Shaping for Demand
Julie Daniels

In the presentation on this DVD, Julie Daniels will show you how to take your dog from operant to demand. You will learn how to turn a dog into one that proudly 'demands' to perform any obstacle, rather than just tolerate them.

This program focuses on the fine points of creating more desire in a dog, and assumes clicker savvy and a good background in the art and science of teaching. You will learn how to use the quadrants of operant conditioning and two-way feedback to create strong drive during any shaping session.

Julie Daniels is a well-known teacher and helper of dogs and people. She is a national agility finalist in the U.S. and one of the first agility judges to be accredited by the USDAA. In addition to training her own dogs, Julie teaches agility seminars, beginning and advanced agility classes, dog obedience classes, and puppy school.

This is a live recording of Julie Daniels' "Shaping for Demand" presentation at the 2007 Clean Run Instructor Conference.

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