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Dogs, Cats & Kids

A top companion animal professional shows children how to behave safely with their own pets, neighbor pets and strays. A fun video kids love! Shows children how animals "talk" to us, what they are saying, and the danger signs that mean "stay away!" An entertaining, kid-friendly approach creates understanding, not fear. Promotes love and respect for animals. Recommended by Parents Choice and the U.S. Humane Society.

It may surprise you to know that....

Dog bites rank second among the common causes of emergency room visits for children (American Medical Association)

Half of all kids are bitten by the age of 12. (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

More than 70% of bite injuries to young people are to the face, neck and head (American Academy of Pediatrics)

Children are 3 times more likely to be bitten than adults. Their small stature and limited motor skills make them much more vulnerable to serious, disfiguring or even life-threatening injuries. 26% of all bitten children require medical attention. Don't wait till it happens to someone you love.

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