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Tug More, Learn More by Kay Laurence

Tug More, Learn More
Kay Laurence

**PLEASE NOTE: This DVD is in PAL format. These can generally be played on a computer but not a standard TV DVD player.

Tug playing is a popular and wonderful form of training when used safely and in balance with your dog. Tug games improve fitness for both you and your dog, are very reinforcing, and provide wonderful structure to the dog's learning.

Tug playing, or shared holding, is a natural behavior that develops between friends. The game is about balance, mirroring movement, and learning together, all wrapped in a very effective workout.

In this DVD, you will learn how to:

* Keep the game going with a quitter
* Stop/start/stop the game with an over-eager player
* Use tug to teach your dog dance moves
* Use tug to teach your dog to study and follow your body English
* Avoid hurting your dog’s joints or back accidentally
* Fit the tug toy to your dog’s jaw size and bite style
* Turn this big-time reinforcer into a big-time shaping tool too

Kay Laurence started Learning About Dogs in 2000. Although learning about dogs was her main aim for the previous 25 years, registering the company began the focus of a strong organization now recognized around the world.

Kay has run training classes for many years, beginning in 1978 with the local dog training club, graduating through School for Dogs across the country to Learning About Dogs around the world. Helen Phillips, Mandy Stroud, and Lesley Buxton graduated through the classes to become key members of the Teaching Team.

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