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Dog-Dog Reactivity by Patricia McConnell

Dog-Dog Reactivity
Patricia McConnell

Would you like walking your dog to be fun again? Does your dog growl, bark or lunge at other dogs when on leash? This DVD of a half-day seminar will teach you the best ways to help on-leash dogs to react calmly and politely when encountering other dogs.

Do you find yourself not wanting to take Maggie on walks because you donít like the way she reacts to other dogs? Does Barney growl, bark, or lunge when on-leash when he sees other dogs? There are several motivations for Dog-Dog Reactivity and this DVD covers how to treat them all using state-of-the-art, positive methods, including Counter Classical Conditioning, and On-Cue & Off-Cue Operant Conditioning. This half-day seminar contains informative slides, numerous videos, and live demonstrations of Patricia working with real dog-dog reactive dogs for the first time. This is a great DVD for both trainers and novice dog owners alike. Filmed in September 2010.

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