Abandonment Training by Trish King

Abandonment Training
Trish King

Leash aggression is a common complaint. Because they are afraid, the dog will actually attack another dog, most owners spend a lot of time trying to tell the dog what NOT to do when they should be teaching the dog what TO do. We call it Abandonment Training.

In this presentation, we'll discuss which dogs are the right candidates and how to find them, how to prepare for the technique, how to do it and the follow ups.

Trish King is the Director of Animal Behavior & Training Department at the Marin County Humane society and the author of "Parenting Your DOG" Publications, drawing on her experiences as a parent as well as a dog owner.

Besides running the B&T department, Trish teaches workshops and seminars on behavior, canine management, temperament assessment and handling difficult dogs. She established the Canine Behavior and Training Academy for new or interested trainers at the Marin County Humane center which covers training theory and techniques, handling dogs and teaching people.

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