Clicker Training: The Perfect Foundation by Kay Laurence

Clicker Training: The Perfect Foundation
Kay Laurence

**Please Note: This DVD is in PAL (European) video format. These can usually be viewed on a computer DVD player but you will need to ensure your computer and DVD player software can play PAL format DVDs.

Clicker Training is no longer the "new fad" it once was. It is now recognized as a major contributor to the future of dog training and human interaction with animals. Many people are investing their time and energy into bringing clicker techniques into every day training, and at the same time, are discovering a new understanding of animal behavior.

This two DVD set features select exercises from the Clicker Training series to guide you step-by-step through the essential skills as taught in the very successful courses at Wag More Barn.

Disc 1: Learn the key skills of using and managing rewards, using the clicker, adding names to behaviors, and basic shaping.

Disc 2: Teaching target to mat and target sticks, using other rewards, and error free learning.

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Clicker Training

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