Advanced Clicker Training by Kathy Sdao

Advanced Clicker Training
Kathy Sdao

This six DVD set contains Kathy Sdao's Advanced Clicker Training seminar. This is a two day workshop that includes lecture and hands-on training with owners and their dogs. Kathy Sdao combines an incredible amount of scientific knowledge, practical skills, and infectious enthusiasm in this superb seminar presentation. Step up your training to a whole new level.


* Reliability (how to get your dog to respond to cues in many different situations and around various distractions)
* Shaping (the real magic of clicker training; how to improve your shaping skills and your dogís understanding)
* Stimulus Control (everything you always wanted to know about adding and increasing the effectiveness of your cues)
* Behavior Chains (How to chain behaviors together either backward or forward to accomplish more complex behaviors)
* Fading the Clicker (effective methods for weaning your dog off the clicker)
* Fading the Lure ( how to effectively and quickly wean your dog and you off lures)
* Expanding Behaviors (increasing your dogís behavioral repertoire)
* Effective Training Techniques (various ways to get the behaviors you want and what to do when you donít)

Kathy Sdao has been training since 1980, when she was part of a team that trained dolphins to solve complex cognitive puzzles. Kathy has been lecturing nationally on operant conditioning, sharing her passion for the science and the awesome power of clicker training which she has experienced with many different species. A dynamic instructor, and a favorite at ClickerExpo!

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