Rex Carr and Dave Rorem Retriever Training Seminar by Rex Carr

Rex Carr and Dave Rorem Retriever Training Seminar
Rex Carr

In the summer of 1994 Rex Carr and Dave Rorem conducted a three day retriever training seminar in Balmoral, Manitoba. This digitally remastered four DVD set contains the film of entire original seminar.

Rex Carr is the father of modern retriever training. The majority of retriever training methods used today were developed by Rex Carr at his California ranch.

Carr is without question the founding father of contemporary retriever training methods. Modern methods, principles, and application of indirect pressure were pioneered by Carr. In fact, the very program that we loosely call "basics" was engineered by him, as were today's more advanced steps and drills in making an All-Age dog or finished hunting dog.

What was Rex's program? As I wrote in part a few years ago, simply put, he developed a method of basics and advanced training built on the theory of going through the dog's mind. He engineered a yard program for young dogs that established a communication system through which all advanced training could be built. This yard program included obedience commands, force-fetch, force-to-pile, introduction to the e-collar, the swim-by, permanent blinds, and a variety of wagon wheel, handling, and lining drills. Many, if not all, of the names of these drills are still recognizable today.

Basics provided the means for fundamentals and a solid foundation; the means to teach, to condition, and reinforce lessons; and formed communication stepping stones that were available for use should any problems occur in advanced training. This program allowed the trainer a means to break down problems into parts where they could be talked through and ironed out with dog and trainer.

Rex's method of going through the dog's mind was to teach by keeping anything new as simple and free of pressure as possible and doing yard work to activate the communication system. Then, he'd progress to advanced work and "talk out" complicated problems with the dog. Next, his method involved applying pressure when there was no confusion present with the dog to help establish that this was the way, and he'd finish by putting the dog away in a happy frame of mind.

Dave Rorem, a student of Rex Carr, has become one of the premier retriever trainers and handlers in the sport.

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