Training Sheep Herding Dogs by Karl Fuller

Training Sheep Herding Dogs
Karl Fuller

HGH nationals in Europe is the style of training the AKC has based their herding instinct testing and course "C" on.

Karl Fuller has won West Germany's HGH nationals 7 times and has bred more HGH Siegers and Siegrens than any other man.

The Continental or Tending Style of sheep dog training was developed in the areas of Europe where there are few fences and specific fields that could be grazed. The Tending Style is totally different than what most people think of when they see Collies work sheep. Collies drive sheep from behind and cut sheep from the flock. In the Tending Style, the sheep are trained to follow the Shepherd and come when called. The dogs act as a living fence to keep the flock in the fields. The Shepherd wants them to graze.

This DVD shows that while genetics improves performance, systematic step by step work produces a well trained sheep herding dog.

The training segments for this DVD are as follows:

Conditioning the flock to your dog
Conditioning the dog to sheep
Training the sheep to follow the Shepherd
Training the one sided border
Training the two sided borders
Training the three and four sided borders
The narrow graze
Training the dog to do pick work at a corner
The bridge training
Training the pen work
Training the dog to work traffic

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