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Family Dog One by Leslie Nelson

Family Dog One
Leslie Nelson

This seminar is intended for new trainers interested in teaching group classes, new private trainers, experienced trainers interested in learning additional training techniques and for those who are interested in developing skills to work with your own dogs. This three disc video set is menu driven for easy access for review.

Disc One -Class Orientation: equipment, forms, waivers, dog rules, treats, leash handling, management, relationship, training

Class Set-up: teaching in a classroom or outdoors, spacing, chairs, tie-downs, water, bowls, assistants, class size

Attention Exercises: touch, head snap, find it, release word

Sit: lure, hand signal , verbal cue, methods to teach

Down: lure, hand signal, verbal cue, method to teach

Disc Two -Wait: use of wait, difference between wait/stay, body block, moving wait

Jumping: space management, step on leash, alternate behaviors, modifying behavior

Leave It: treat in hand, body blocking, methods to teach

Optional Lessons: attention, small dog pick-up, virtual greeting

Duration: distance, distraction, down/sit stay

Disc Three -Polite Walking: target walking, changing speed, find it, wedding march, small dog

Recalls: "L" come, run away, hide & seek, gates, long line, really reliable recall, relays, distractions

Discussion on Duration: distance

Common Problems: reactive dogs, non-compliant/difficult clients, expulsion of client, use of less desirable equipment by client, dogs focusing on other dogs.

End of Class Exercises: rewarding attention, stretching, massage

Leslie Nelson oversees over 50 classes a week and a staff of more than 30 instructors and assistants.

In the mid nineties, after being introduced to Ted Turner, the head trainer of Sea World of Ohio, Leslie developed a training program for family dogs based on the training done at Sea World. Her busy training center has been the perfect location for like-minded trainers to experiment with and practice positive reinforcement techniques.

Leslie has a degree in education and has been teaching classes since 1973. She is also a APDT member. She has been involved with animals her entire life and has bred and shown numerous Afghan breed champions and performance dogs. She has trained two of her Afghan Hounds to the Utility Dog title. She continues to compete with her own dogs, which include Afghan Hounds, Whippets and Standard Poodles and she has recently caught the very contagious agility bug.

Leslie instructs both family and competition classes and has an active schedule of private lessons and behavioral consults. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and this past year was honored as a keynote speaker at their annual convention. She is a sought after seminar speaker and was featured along with Ted Turner and Patty Ruzzo in the popular training video, The Power of Positive Training and its follow up, Proof Positive. Her booklets, Management Magic, The Really Reliable Recall and her Family Dog workbook are used in training classes across the country.

Leslie and her husband, Derryl share their home with six dogs and various other animals. They also own Shagg Bark Kennel, a small boarding kennel located on their property, where many Tails graduates vacation.

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Advanced/Pro Training

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