Best Puppy Tricks by Kyra Sundance

Best Puppy Tricks
Kyra Sundance

The first two years of your puppy's life are a crucial time in his development. By teaching him early, and with positive reinforcement methods, you will instill in him a cooperative spirit and a lifetime of learning.

The DVD provides step-by-step instruction on 17 fun tricks for your new puppy from world acclaimed animal trainer, Kyra Sundance. All the tricks are broken down into small easy-to-learn skills with a brief overview of how the trick works, what to expect, and some great tips to keep the training session fun for you and your pup.

Positive reinforcement methods are the fastest and easiest way to teach a puppy. These anxiety-free methods produce a joyful puppy who is a willing partner in the learning process. Demonstrations of every step of the training process show you exactly what to do and take the guesswork out of teaching.

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Puppy Training
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