Training Pointing Dogs Vol 1 - 4 by George Hickox

Training Pointing Dogs Vol 1 - 4
George Hickox

The Pointing DVD Collection of Volumes 1 through 4 with GEORGE HICKOX

George Hickox teaches the how to's of training gundogs to owners through this easy-to-understand and logical program that he has been teaching across North America for over a decade in his School of Dog Training for Owners and Their Dogs. George Hickox has helped thousands of dog owners develop bragging rights hunting dogs, and this library of instructional videos will give you the tools you need to bring your dog to a world class level.

George's previous training videos have won numerous awards for instructional excellence. This new four-volume library of George Hickox - Training Pointing Dogs has been completely updated and is better yet.

The DVD Collection includes the entire contents of Volumes I through IV. This is the complete training program for your pointing dog from puppyhood through to a polished finished dog. Approximately 110 minutes.

Volume I - Introduction to Birds and Guns. In Volume I the correct methods for developing the hunting and pointing instincts in your dog are covered. A sound program for introducing a dog to the gun is shown in depth. Approximately 20 minutes.

Volume II - Electronic Collar Training and Basic Obedience. All the essentials of proper e-collar introduction are covered in Volume II. This is a comprehensive program for the basic yard commands of Kennel, Whoa, Here and Heel. Approximately 40 minutes.

Volume III - Holding Point and Hunting in Range. Volume III instructs the viewer how to teach his dog to be stanch on point reliably. This program is for the foot hunter who seeks to develop a stylish bird dog that hunts in control. Approximately 20 minutes.

Volume IV - Advanced Training. Volume IV covers teaching your dog to retrieve to hand, back, and be steady to wing and shot. Approximately 31 minutes.

Although George Hickox's field trial credentials are impressive, George's focus is on developing bird dogs for upland hunting. George has guided for ptarmigan in Alaska, grouse and woodcock in the Maritimes, chukar, huns, sharptails, and pheasant in the West, and bobwhite quail in the South. Having spent a lifetime upland hunting and guiding, George understands training dogs for the walking bird hunter. Thousands of dog owners and handlers have benefited from George Hickox's training program, experience, and in depth knowledge of canine behavior through the George Hickox School of Dog Training.

George is the Hunting Dog Editor for Shooting Sportsman Magazine, writes training columns for Pointing Dog Journal ,Retriever Journal, has written numerous dog training articles for magazines such as The Purina Breeder and Pheasants Forever, and appears regularly on television.

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