The Conditioned Retrieve: Part 2 by Dan Hosford

The Conditioned Retrieve: Part 2
Dan Hosford

Sharpening Your Dog's Focus is critical to getting the best field performance from your retriever. In this sequel to Part 1 of The Conditioned Retrieve, professional gun dog trainer Dan Hosford takes the force fetch training outside. Using inexperienced dogs that are going through Dan's program for the first time, he demonstrates the "Conditioned Floor Retrieve," the "No-Touch Transition," and how to layout and effectively use a "Bumper Row." He teaches you how to retain your dog's focus, build his self-confidence, and ensure that, despite wider boundaries and more places to run, your dog remains under your control. In addition to showing you the exact steps of this critical process, the more than 3-hour video offers troubleshooting tips, uses an illuminated on-screen icon to show when electrical stimulation is being used, and is divided into approximately 20-minute segments so you can watch a lesson, then apply what you've learned without feeling overwhelmed. Expect the training to take 2 to 3 weeks to successfully complete.

Please note: You should only begin this phase of training once your dog has successfully completed obedience training, has been introduced to marking, and is not afraid of a gun.

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