The Common Sense Approach to Herding: The Theory of Driving by Jerry Rowe

The Common Sense Approach to Herding: The Theory of Driving
Jerry Rowe

Why do so many people have problems teaching their dogs to drive livestock? What is the difference between driving and fetching? How do you teach your dog to control livestock in a constructive way? The Theory of Driving DVD will help you understand and apply the concept of a dog being able to take control of his livestock.

For over 50 years, Jerry Rowe has been developing a method for training dogs. His experience as a judge, trainer, and competitor has given him the uncanny ability to simplify and explain the natural approach to herding.

Whether you are training a trial dog, a farm dog, or a household pet, understanding the theory behind herding will help you work in partnership with your dog to better enjoy the great sport of herding.

Jerry and Sharon Rowe began their dog herding career in the early 60's. After purchasing their first registered Australian Shepherd, they discovered the intelligence of these dogs and became interested in preserving the herding instinct and promoting the versatility of the Australian Shepherd as a breed.

In 1970 they traveled to Kentucky for the International Border Collie Competition where they met Lewis Pence who helped launch what had become their dream to promote stock dog herding with loose-eyed breeds.

Together with the Colorado Collie Club they formed the first all-breed herding club: Stock Dog Fanciers of Colorado. They then organized the first ever herding competition for loose-eyed dogs at their farm in Broomfield, Colorado.

Since then they have been instrumental in promoting loose-eyed stock dog training by holding weekly classes and individual lessons. In addition, they have held competitive events at their farms for more than 40 years and have competed in trials and competitions including ASCA, AKC, CKC, AHBA, and USBCHA.

Their farm in Kansas designed specifically to provide people of all skill levels a place to learn about herding with their dog. Please look around these web pages to learn more about our facilities and the wonderful things you and your dog can learn to do when working as a team.

Jerry Rowe is a senior stock dog judge and has been involved with the ASCA stockdog program since the beginning. Jerry and Sharon have stayed committed to the idea of a versatile working dog who can do it all.

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