Sizzling Seesaws by Jen Pinder

Sizzling Seesaws
Jen Pinder

All dogs are different, and they all approach the teeter differently. Some are not comfortable with the motion of the obstacle, others don�t like the noise of the board, while for others it�s the height that causes a problem. Some dogs aren�t comfortable being (as they perceive it) �out of control,� and some revel in being out of control.

Now there�s an easy-to-follow, progressive program that will help you teach a terrific teeter performance to any dog, large or small. Over the past 12 years, Jen Pinder has developed a teeter training program that�s designed to teach the dog that he is truly in control of the motion. Part of being in control means the dog must know what is expected and how to do it. Through this training method your dog will learn to

� Mount the board straight on

� Run all the way to the end of the board

� Go directly to his end position (either four-on or two-on/two-off) as the board hits the ground

� Stay on the board in his end position until he is given a release cue.

While the program can be followed start to finish to teach new dogs the teeter, it is also designed to provide problem-solving support for trained dogs with teeter performance problems. An entire disc is devoted to solving problems such as dogs being fearful of the tip point, the sound, or the height; dogs that fly off; dogs that hesitate on the board; and dogs that reach off the board early.

Jen is a full-time dog agility trainer who teaches lessons locally in Lapeer MI, just outside of Detroit. She also travels around the country giving agility seminars and workshops. Jen has been a core instructor at Susan Garrett's Say Yes dog agility camps for the past 4 years and has recently taught at both Clean Run Camp, PowerPaws and BARK Agility Camp.

She was originally introduced to the sport of agility in 1992 with her female boxer, Tasha. Besides competing on the AKC world team 3 years in a row, Jen and her BC, ADCH, MACH2 Static, were the team selected to represent the U.S. at Crufts in March of 2004, the first year a U.S. team was invited to attend. They were also members of the 2002, 2003 and 2004 AKC world teams. She is a 5 time semi-finalist for the USDAA Grand Prix and a 4 time finalist in the USDAA Grand Prix. She has made it to the finals with both her Border Collies: Ajax and Static, and her Jack Russell Terrier Divot. In 2001, she took 3rd in the Grand Prix, 2nd at AKC Nationals, and was on the 1st place team at the USDAA Team competition with her Border Collie, Static.

Jen's main focus, both with her dogs and others, is to build a strong relationship with the dog and then to work on agility handling. Her emphasis on building a solid foundation in jumping, contacts and attention contributes to her success in agility today.

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