Boundary, Perimeter and Property Training In No Time At All! by Adam Katz

Boundary, Perimeter and Property Training In No Time At All!
Adam Katz

This DVD will show you how to easily teach your dog to stop at a curb, never bolt out the front door and to respect your property line..even if tempted by a tennis ball, food or cat!

Imagine being able to teach your dog to stay on your property while you’re washing your car. Or to wait at the curb automatically… even if a tennis ball rolls into the street. Or to never bolt out the front door, again!

This DVD teaches you the basic fundamentals of boundary, perimeter and property training. But the possibilities are endless once you grasp these easy-to-understand concepts. My parents used this video to teach their Rottweiler to stay off the carpet in their living room. Another couple taught their Golden Retriever to stay on the front porch.

In this DVD, you’ll see me work with dogs that have never been trained before. You can actually hear the owners in the background gasping, “That’s incredible!” and “Amazing!” as their dogs learn in only minutes to not run into the street… despite distractions.

About Adam Katz:

Adam has done training for obedience, competition, behavior modification, drug detection, tracking, schutzhund, police work, agility, film and personal protection.

He founded dogproblems.com and has traveled across the country and worked with some of the top trainers.

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