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2-On/2-Off Contacts Made Easy  by Rachel Sanders

2-On/2-Off Contacts Made Easy
Rachel Sanders

Are you unhappy with your dog's 2-on/2-off contact performance or are you starting to train a new dog for agility? Rachel Sanders has developed a clever method of teaching a 2-on/2-off contact that does not rely on teaching a nose touch. Instead, it uses simple garden fencing and a travel plank to help teach the dog his end position. The method eliminates much of the time-consuming and meticulous training that has been required in the past to teach a reliable 2-on/2-off contact performance. Training goes quickly because the dog understands the concept of the end position right from the start.

The foundation for the methodology begins away from the agility equipment and can be started with a puppy as early as 12-14 weeks of age. The program also addresses teaching the dog proper weight shift and body mechanics to ensure he is performing the 2-on/2-off end position both efficiently and with as little stress on his body as possible.

In the chapter on problem solving Rachel covers a number of common problems, such as

Coming off the side of the plank
Stalking at the bottom of the plank
Lack of speed
Failure to stop in the competition ring

This program also includes steps for training obstacle independence so that the dog can reliably perform his end position regardless of your handling position.

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