Excel-erated Agility! by Pamela Reid

Excel-erated Agility!
Pamela Reid

This is a two day course. Learn the fundamentals of how agility dogs learn and how best to teach them.Covered in this course are the following: basic handling maneuvers; how to add a cue; how to switch signals; discrimination training; left/right training; how do you teach discrimination; agility fundamentals; stopped or running contacts; rear end awareness; basic jumping skills; weave poles; operant and classical conditioning.

Explore such topics as reward delivery, clicker training, chaining, reinforcement schedules, and body awareness as they apply to agility training. Learn when and how to add cue words, how to fade prompts like jump bars and targets, and why you should use reward marks and no reward marks. See how the methods of targeting and shaping are used to create speed and accuracy. Understand the nuances of using reinforcement to build the perfect obstacle performance. Principles of Learning Theory, using the agility as a training backdrop. This is an interactive lecture with group activities, training games, video and live demonstrations.

7 DVDs, run time 13 hours.

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