Training the Pointing Retriever - Marking Basics by Gary Buys

Training the Pointing Retriever - Marking Basics
Gary Buys

In these videos we will teach several key concepts related to retrieving. We will build upon the conditioned retrieve response and obedience we taught in the Puppy Pack and Force Fetch DVDís. We will Introduce pup to the gun, Make the connection of a mark and retrieve to sound of a shot, teach the mechanics of the retrieve, how to use gunners to help teach concepts, into to cover on the land, land mark concepts, intro to water cover, water mark concepts, teaching diligence. We will continue to focus on building confidence through success in the field. We expose our pointing lab to retrieving birds. We will look at how to shoot flyers for your dog.

Gary Buys is the owner and pro trainer for Poudre River Gundogs. He has more than 30 years of experience hunting over dogs. He's been training professionally for clients for the past 12 years. He's titled dogs at the highest levels in the AKC, HRC and the APLA. He has titled several Grand Master Pointing Retrievers including 4x Grand Masters. He has trained gun dogs for his clients throughout the country. He currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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