Analyzing & Modifying Canine Aggressive Behavior by Suzanne Hetts

Analyzing & Modifying Canine Aggressive Behavior
Suzanne Hetts

This workshop takes an ethological approach to the complexity of canine aggression, discussing agonistic behaviors and the various factors – both internal and external – that influence them.“Mythological” interpretations of social hierarchies and the meaning of social dominance are discussed, and how popular use of these ideas is divorced from the scientific literature. Using case examples and material from veterinary behaviorists, examples of medical problems mis-interpreted as behavior problems are presented.

Risk assessment of dogs including how an evaluation is conducted, the conclusions drawn from it, and the type of report or recommendations made, is discussed from the perspective of individual owners as well as animal shelters and breed rescue groups. Evaluations for legal purposes are touched on briefly.

Ms. Williams describes and demonstrates her work monitoring heart-rate in dogs during behavior modification and implications this may have for behavior assessments and welfare.

An overview of operant and classical conditioning as well as other behavior modification techniques are explained including operant and classical counter conditioning, response prevention, desensitization and when the selective use of positive punishment can be appropriate. The workshop closes with case examples using videos and interactive work with several dogs.

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Advanced/Pro Training
Problem Dogs

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