Teaching Directionals: Left, Right & Turn by Rachel Sanders

Teaching Directionals: Left, Right & Turn
Rachel Sanders

Although the focus of our handling is usually to steer our dog around the course using consistent body language cues, there are situations when a verbal directional cue can be invaluable:

If you are unable to use body language to change the dog's direction, such as when the dog is coming toward you during a gamble sequence or when you find yourself too far behind your dog and he cannot see your body cues.
If you are late with a body cue that would have indicated a change of direction had it been timely, so the dog now needs a verbal cue to counter the fact that you’re out of position (he may be about to go off-course or incur a refusal).

Rachel's DVD will show you a simple technique for teaching a verbal Left and Right command as well as a Turn command. You will start out training on the flat, which is work that can be done even with young puppies, and then you will learn how to add obstacles to your training.

40 mins

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