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Treibball for Dogs by Jan Nijboer

Treibball for Dogs
Jan Nijboer

If you have never heard of Treibball, it is a relatively new sport for dogs created by Jan Nijboer in Germany a few years ago. As Jan explains it, he was looking for a creative way to keep energetic herding and other "out of work" dogs busy and found it after watching some Boxers playing soccer on TV. Why not use exercise balls (instead of sheep!) and have dogs "herd" them into a goal using many of the distance control techniques used in herding? Sounds a bit strange, but in fact this new and evolving sport has proven very popular as trainers have come to realize that not only is it challenging and fun, but it is a great way to build teamwork between owner and dog as well as gaining the benefits of being able to control your dog at a distance. This one hour DVD will give you a great introduction to how the sport of Treibball works and one method of training to learn the skills necessary to compete. Interested in even more information? Check out the American Treibball Association website to see how the sport is progressing in the United States, rules for competitions and training advice.

One of the challenges of Treibball is that it requires you to be able to control your dog's movements at a distance with verbal cues, hand signals or non-verbal sounds. You need to be able to move your dog to the left, the right, back up and lie down in many instances several yards away from where you are positioned.

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