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It's Me or the Dog - Season 1

The It's Me or the Dog Season 1 DVD set follows British dog trainer Victoria Stillwell to the United States, where she takes charge of Americas most untrained and unmanageable pooches. When the dog rules the house, the family dynamic is out of whack.

The 4 disc season 1 DVD set explains how you can regain control and become the rightful leader of your pack. Victoria has seen them all, from unruly hounds to pampered poodles but what about the owners who are forced to live with them? With homes destroyed and marriages in trouble, it's not just the dogs that need help.

The series shows Victoria bringing her unique approach with dogs from across the Atlantic to American families as she tries to restore harmony in homes where the pet is running riot and the family is in the dog house. See how, through observation, interviews and secret filming with a 'pet cam', Victoria uses her 10+ years of experience to assemble the evidence and diagnose the problems stateside.

Victoria Stilwell attempts to integrate a sense of order in the George household, home of 11 month old "Prince", an untrained 90 lb Neapolitan Mastiff puppy who knows no boundaries. The Chief of Jealousy - Victoria attempts to restore order in a newlywed's home by retraining a twelve year old Jack Russell Terrier who turns extremely territorial upon discovery of the new addition to "her" home, a two year old Labrador. Boxed In - Victoria attempts to bring harmony into Dannee and Camille's household of two cats, three Boxers, and one French Bull Dog

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