Dogsteps: What to Look For In A Dog by Rachel Page Elliott

Dogsteps: What to Look For In A Dog
Rachel Page Elliott

The most complete information on canine gait and movement available in video format. Includes anatomical diagrams and film clips of still and moving x-rays which provide a look at bone and joint motion inside the dog. Illustrations throughout the DVD emphasize the importance of sound structure and show how serious deviations may affect efficiency and endurance. Highly recommended for every serious dog fancier and every breeder to help produce structurally sound pups.

What reviewers are saying...

“The DVD beautifully complements the book, providing a look at stationary and slow-motion X-Rays of dogs showing the bones and joints from the side and from front and back. Anatomical diagrams show why a dog needs good structure for efficiency and endurance and how deviations will affect it. Dogsteps is a truly amazing DVD for anyone with an interest in canine structure and movement, and that should be every serious dog fancier.” Stephanie Horan

“For those of us who have already read Dogsteps or Dogsteps, A New Look are well-aware of Mrs. Page Elliott’s great way of explaining movement, structure and how the two go together. This is a highly informative and educational DVD style “book” which gives a huge advantage of videos of dogs being moved (coming, going and on the side) and x-ray videos (slow motion and real time). These x-ray shots show the “undercover” work that the canine’s bones/joints are doing. I applaud Mrs. Page Elliott for showing not only well-built examples, but also those who have structural short-comings! I highly recommend adding this DVD (along with the book) to your library and hope all breeders will take the time to ingest the information given.” Mary Magee

Rachel Page Elliott was recognized as an authority in breeding and movement of dogs. She raised about 50 litters of golden retrievers over four decades and wrote several books about dogs.

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