The Mechanics Of Handling Dogs In The Pet Facility by Bob Warren

The Mechanics Of Handling Dogs In The Pet Facility
Bob Warren

To the canine, the pet facility represents chaos, a place where lots of stimuli has to be sorted out all at once! Understanding canine behavior is a prerequisite to “managing the show,” says Bob Warren, Training Director for MuttMasters Academy. Warren offers practical advice for managing the canine in the professional environment. Explore the mechanics of handling in three easy steps: READ! Tune into what the dog is thinking and feeling by studying its body language! ANTICIPATE! Predict the dog’s response, before it happens! MANAGE! Bob explores techniques for handling the unsettled canine in a variety of situations. Discover innovative touch and hold postures! The mechanics of handling are as basic as driving a CAR (Command, Action, and Reward)! The dog’s response in your facility is based on personality and character; this program puts the professional back in the drivers’ seat, with the tools to effectively manage a safe, efficient and more pleasurable work environment!

Bob Warren
Until the day Bob Warren was met by a friend with his newly acquired Attack-On-Command Doberman, he never wanted to be a dog trainer. Intrigued by the respect that dog commanded, Warren instantly wanted a Command-Dog, too! This led to Warren working at Jack Healy’s K-9 Command-Dogs (Stratford, CT), which resulted in a training legacy that now spans 27 years. Since 1978, Warren has had no other job but the training of dogs. Today, Warren is the Training Director for MuttMasters Canine Academy, a Colorado Springs based company serving customers from Pueblo to Denver. MuttMasters is a full-service dog training school specializing in the family dog, difficult dogs, and the sale of trained dogs. The company has also provided professional dog trainers course since 1980.

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