Canine Fear, Aggression and Play by Jean Donaldson

Canine Fear, Aggression and Play
Jean Donaldson

This seminar was filmed at a two-day event sponsored by PavSki Seminars in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It is jam-packed with tons of essential information for anyone interested in training dogs. Specific problems and treatment approaches are explored in great detail. Jean’s expertise, wisdom and enthusiasm will keep you glued to the screen throughout!

Disc One: Bite Inhibition; Dog-Dog Aggression (classification, tarzan, proximity sensitivity)

Disc Two: Dog-Dog Aggression (proximity sensitivity, bullying, play skills deficits, predatory drift); Levels of Certainty; Play (why dogs play, what is play, triggers, development & evolution, function, normal play)

Disc Three: Dog-Dog Resource Guarding (introduction, treatment, prevention, Q/A, levels of warning); Fear and Aggression (function, influences –Nature vs Nurture)

Disc Four: Fear and Aggression Treatment Overview (classifications); Aggression to Strangers; Medication; Trainer Liability & Protection; Dog-Human Resource Guarding (function, taking a bite history, warning signals, management, making a hierarchy, types of guarding); Treatment (Operant & Classical)
Disc Five: Treatment (operant & classical cont, hierarchy design problems, execution problems, parameter juggling); Closing Remarks

Run Time: approximately 9 hrs

This title is in the following categories:

Advanced/Pro Training
Basic Training
Problem Dogs

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