Training the Top Dog Way - Attention Combo by Top Dog Obedience

Training the Top Dog Way - Attention Combo
Top Dog Obedience

This DVD includes:
* Wait Means Watch
* Distractions Equal Attention - How to Make Distractions Work FOR You!
* Teaching the Exam - Building on "Distractions Equal Attention"
* Ready, Set Up - How to Set Your Dog Up for Success!

(43 Minutes)

With Betsy Scapicchio and Linda Brennan
of Top Dog Obedience School

Learn the techniques that produce the successful competition obedience teams who are not only accurate but a joy to watch in the ring! With clear step-by-step instruction, Betsy and Linda focus on the core skills to create happy and confident obedience dogs. They have the rare combination of abilities to be both successful with their own dogs and to teach others to be successful.

Their method has proven successful for hundreds of students who have achieved over 1000 titles in competition obedience. From Novice A students earning their first CD title to the elite performers like Petra Ford and her two-time National Obedience Champion and World Cup winner Tyler, Betsy and Linda have enabled each student to achieve her own goals. They have the unique ability to adapt their training to each dog and situation and to see the potential in every dog and handler team whether they are seasoned competitors or just starting. Now they can help you too!

Betsy sparkles in the ring with her dogs. She is always upbeat and smiling. Betsy’s dogs have earned seven Obedience Trial Championships as well as winning and placing at national competitions including the Regional and Classic tournaments and the National Obedience Invitational. Betsy and her dogs have earned 18 perfect 200 scorers so far!

Linda is the master of versatility. She has competed successfully on the national stage as well, however her passion is working with different breeds of dogs, including her own Welsh Springer Spaniels and Norfolk Terrier. Linda also specializes in multipurpose dogs. In addition to obedience, she trains and competes in agility, rally, hunting , herding, conformation and other dog events where she has earned many titles including OTCH, MACH and Champion.

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