Foundation Training for Agility: The Road to a Perfect Partnership by Moe Strenfel

Foundation Training for Agility: The Road to a Perfect Partnership
Moe Strenfel

You need a solid working relationship with your dog and a clear and consistent communication system to achieve your goals in agility. This "handling system" is no more than a set of verbal and physical cues that tell your dog what you want him to do next. Conflicting cues or missing links in your communication system will limit what your team can achieve in the sport by causing a lack of confidence or frustration. With clear and consistent communication system, your dog will be more confident, focused, and sure of his job, which will allow your team to not only achieve more, but also to enjoy the game more.

The foundation of this communication system must be taught on the ground before you teach any piece of agility equipment. The groundwork exercises demonstrated in this three DVD set will give your team the firm foundation necessary to excel. Whether you are training a new puppy for agility or you need to brush up on some skills with an experienced dog, you'll find suitable groundwork exercises for dogs at any level in this DVD. There is also a bonus section on balance, strength, and coordination work.

This DVD will give you the skills necessary you teach your dog each of the following critical foundation skills:

* Responding to his name
* Building focus
* Releasing only on a verbal cue
* Lining up at your side on a parallel path
* Hand touches
* Rock-solid stays with duration, distraction, and distance
* Restrained recalls and chase-me games
* Recalls with self-control (stays)
* Front cross on the ground
* Circle work (also referred to as running work or flatwork)
* Shoulder-pull turn
* Rear cross on the ground
* Staying on a parallel path to you and not cutting behind you
* Moving ahead of you on a parallel path on a verbal Go cue
* Working with lateral distance away from you
* Lead-outs

Disc 1- Basic Skills
Disc 2- Handling Skills
Disc 3- Physical Skills

A native of California, Moe Strenfel has over 17 years experience in teaching and counseling dog and cat owners about general pet training and behavior problems. She was the behaviorist for the Humane Society Silicon Valley for over 12 years before starting Momentum Dog Sports.

Moe discovered clicker training in 1994 at a Karen Pryor seminar and merely dabbled in the science of operant conditioning until 1998 when she was introduced to “chicken training”. Moe then took five operant conditioning (chicken) workshops given by Marian and Bob Bailey from 1998-2001. She now embraces OC as an integral part of being an effective and humane trainer.

An agility fanatic since 1996, Moe has put AKC and USDAA titles on four different breeds: Boxer, Border Collie, Mini Aussie and Whippet.

Moe has taught at Power Paws Summer Camp for four years and Clean Run Instructor Camp for two years. She writes regularly for Clean Run Magazine as well.

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