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Behavior & Ailments by Peter Eeg

Behavior & Ailments
Peter Eeg

In Dr. Eeg’s presentation he discusses various ailments including the thyroid issues and others and the affect on behavior problems.

He stresses the importance of trainers and veterinarians communicating with each other on specific issues. This communication can lead to a better overall understanding of an animal’s situation.

Dr. Eeg is a 1987 graduate of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. He took the reins of ownership at Poolesville Veterinary Clinic in 1990 and although he found enjoyment in large animal medicine, he decided to concentrate solely and specialize in small animal medicine and hasn't looked back since.

Dr. Eeg has advanced training in Laser Surgery and is a recognized Certified Veterinary Laser Master. He is an internationally known lecturer and author of Veterinary Laser Surgery: A Practical Guide(now in its 3rd printing).

Dr. Eeg lectures routinely to colleagues on issues ranging from laser tissue interactions and types of lasers; pain management, patient quality of life and behaviors impact on the human-animal bond, surgery and medicine and the importance of new technology in veterinary medicine and he has pioneered new techniques in the use of laser energy for surgery.

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