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Joring (Dog Powered) Sports by Sue Sternberg

Joring (Dog Powered) Sports
Sue Sternberg

One of Sue’s first loves to be able to get out and enjoy the great relationship she has with her dogs and the partnership that is needed to really take this sport to its full potential.
What is JORING? Basically, it is “Dog Powered Sports”. This includes: Cane Cross (running); Cross Country; Mountain Biking; Mountain Scootering; Dog Sledding.
Sue teaches us the behaviors the dogs should know such as stop, go, on by, right and left and that’ll do or leave it. She discusses Safety First and the things to consider. Equipment and its use is covered and where to find it is also on the agenda. Sue suggests tips and trail etiquette.

The main feature of this production is an actual live training class with novice owners and their dogs, so that you, too, may learn how to begin training for the sport.

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