Upland Retriever - Quarting and Finishing for the Gun by Dan Hosford

Upland Retriever - Quarting and Finishing for the Gun
Dan Hosford

In this DVD, professional dog trainer Dan Hosford will help you learn to add another incredible level of hunting enjoyment to your dog's list of natural abilities. This video will help extend your hunting season to include pheasant, quail, partridge and grouse.

Teach your dog to quarter a field within gun range using only a whistle to control distance and direction. You will learn each step of this process by watching dogs that are performing these skills for the first time. Witness the most common problems and how to successfully work through them as Dan build teams for the field. Follow along with detailed instructions as you teach your dog to work through cover with passion seeking out and flushing: pheasants, quail, partridge and other upland game birds.

Key Topics Covered:

How to set up your training field
Quartering and direction changes using a whistle
Keeping your dog within gun range
Proper use of Electronic Training Collar
Working scent stations
Recall your dog from the chase
Trailing crippled birds

Special Features:

2.5 hours of in-depth, step-by-step instructions
Lit Icon reveals when stimulation is in use
Chapter menu enables you to pick up where you left off
Troubleshooting for common problems
Teaching the handler, not just the dog
Inexperienced dogs are used for authentic results


Quartering: Working in Front of You
Electronic Training Collar
Use an Older Dog to Help Your Pup
Scent Stations are the Key
Scent Stations: Gunfire with the Flush
Long Rope for Direction Changes
Working for Two Hunters
Recall Your Dog from the Chase
Trailing a Crippled Bird
Advantage of the Game Preserve

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Retrieving & Hunting

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